We are the European market leader

Over the last years, we have been able to become, with modest financial means, the European Market Leader of visual construction monitoring solutions (construction site monitoring by photo Webcam). This is an exciting emerging market in which we have been playing a major role over the last years. Existing solutions were dependant on landline supply and telecommunication, they were too complex to install and too expensive to be commercialised. We innovated by creating an autonomous wireless box, with integrated solar power and 3G. With installation possible in less than one hour, this innovation has allowed us to offer a great price, making HQ construction site monitoring more affordable.

Today benefiting from the return of experience of 2 000 construction sites, and an annual growth rate of 100%, 4 years in a row, our ambition is to continue to make this affordable concept more and more accessible in a virtually untapped european market. Our ambition for 2020 is to fit out 15% of all European construction sites, thus securing the position of European market leader.

Once upon a time, Devisubox…

The company Devisubox was established in France in November 2006 by two engineers, passionate about new technologies and digital photography.

The initial project focused on the creation of a photo-box for the monitoring of the construction of individual houses. The project developed in 2011 with a key accounts version, integrating a Nikon Reflex Camera enjoyed great success, being utilized by half of the CAC40 (first 40’s biggest companies in France).

Devisubox benefited by the end of 2011 from the financial support from the Alumni Business Angel investment fund. A few months after this fund raising, the company suffered a fire in February 2012, which destroyed all of the premises and a large section of the manufacturing process. Starting over wasn’t easy, but the team is very motivated; the project lives on.

0ur efforts today, in 2014, are based on:
  • integration tools into our technology
  • the industrialisation of our solution
  • Worldwide production and service distribution (Present already on 4 continents)

A multidisciplinary team allowing a 100% in-house product cycle

Devisubox today employs a team of fifteen people with highly multidisciplinary skills. We carry out all of our product cycle internally: mechanical, electronic and software design; manufacturing and assembly; Installation and after-sales service; Multimedia integration and audiovisual production.

Our R&D missions are:
  • The design of Devisubox boxes: electronic, digital and mechanical
  • The design of our software: Internet platform, Smartphone, image processing and audiovisual editing tools
Our production missions are:
  • The assembly and manufacturing of Devisubox boxes
  • The internet platform development
  • mobile application programming
Our operation missions are:
  • client project management
  • The installation of our boxes on-site
  • The audiovisual monitoring of the construction site.
  • Client photo content integration