Embed your future building within its actual environment

A marketing tool for your projects’ promotion

At Devisubox, we now offer our customers the possibility to embed a 3D building model of their project into some “actual” pictures of said project – these can be drone pictures or photoboxes pictures. Thanks to the 3D embeddings, you obtain a better understanding of the project’s final rendering and you gain a fantastic tool during its construction phase.

Capture d’écran 2019-03-07 à 19.56.39

Viewing with a VR headset

If the 3D building is embedded into a 360° panoramic drone view, then it is possible to have an immersive experience with a VR headset.


A construction site monitoring tool

  • Checking the construction’s conformity as a whole and at the end of the project measuring the potential differences between the plans and its finished version.
  • Getting a better understanding of the site monitoring pictures by juxtaposing the current step with the final construction.
  • Proving the builder manages his construction site and is fully transparent

UpperNord Tower, Düsseldorf