We enhance your construction projects with our 360° drone views.

Our drone pilots shoot a panorama of the sky which is integrated into a 360° navigation system. Thanks to these drone flights it is possible to locate the Devisubox photoboxes and directly access the pictures. Our teams then use this view to highlight your construction site via : Our offer is available in France and most of the EU countries.

The drone panorama combined with the Devisubox photobox

Once our drone pilots have flown over your building site, our teams create a 360° view which highlights your construction site and locates it better. This panoramic view is done in a very high resolution of over 400 million pixels and it offers a factor 40 zoom which really enhances the project’s surroundings: roads, shops, green spaces, schools… The innovation’s specificity lies in the combination of the drones with our photoboxes.

The boxes can indeed be located from the sky: simply click on the Devisubox logos to access them and “jump” onto your real-time platform.

This interactive panorama is also accessible directly from your construction site monitoring interface, you just have to click on the drone icon in the toolbar.

Familiarise yourself with our 360° features thanks to our customer Promofar’s interface : the eco-quarters “Coeur de Ville” in Briançon.

▪️ Keep your mouse’s left button pressed to explore the panorama in360°. The autonomous photoboxes are signaled with some Devisubox logos, simply click on one of them to then access the real-time construction site monitoring interface!

▪️ Right click onto the panorama to access the 360’s different viewing options: regular view, fisheye, architectural view, panini view, etc.

▪️ Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and zoom out.

The drone shots integrated to the final timelapse

Our drone pilots shoot some artistic videos while they are onsite, these will be integrated to the final timelapse for a film of even greater quality.

Watch our 2018 best drone moments now: