We highlight your construction projects with some 360° drone shots.

Our drone pilotes take a panoramic shot of the sky which is integrated into a 360° navigation system. The drone flights allow to locate the Devisubox photoboxes and directly access the pictures.

Thanks to this new interactive interface it is also possible to locate from the sky a client’s closest construction sites and to jump from one to the other through the air. This 360° view has a very high resolution of over 400Mpix and it offers a factor 40 zoom which highlights the project’s environment perfectly : roads, shops, parks, schools… The user is then completely immersed into the space into which it is possible to easily navigate.

Onsite our drone pilotes also take a series of artistic videos which will be combined to the timelapse to create a final movie of great quality.

Different offers are available to promote your projects.

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Drone showreel