Monitor your project’s progress and tell its story with time-lapse.

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      Monitor your project’s day-to-day progress

      Our time-lapse cameras continuously capture HD images of your site, which are transmitted to our cloud platform and accessible in real time to all your employees or future customers.

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      Impress your customers with a time-lapse video

      The thousands of photographs taken by our time-lapse cameras provide excellent raw material for making high impact promotional films and demonstrating your expertise to partners, investors and future customers.

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      Give context to your project with drones

      In addition to the time-lapse sequences, you can get an aerial view with drone shots. They will show your site in its surrounding environment and add even more visual appeal to your promotional film.

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      Blurring of faces, counting of people and vehicles

      Thanks to artificial intelligence, we are now able to detect people visible on your construction sites and to blur their faces. This allows for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

      We also know how to detect the presence of vehicles on your sites and offer counting tools capable of measuring traffic over the entire duration of your projects.

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      Integrate your 3D BIM models into our images

      Whether it is for viewing on desktop / mobile or with a VR headset, you will be able to visualize your future project in the real environment, and compare at a glance the progress of your site with the final project.

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      Triggering of shots thanks to IoT sensors

      For some applications, it may be interesting to trigger the shots at specific times. For this, it is possible to connect our photo boxes to movement sensors, noise sensors or remote buttons.

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    Why work with us?

    • Exceptional photographic quality

      Our cameras capture images with excellent quality optics and a resolution of up to 24mpx (4K)… to be at the top in 20 years!

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    • We will look for the best viewpoints

      We know how to negotiate authorizations to place our boxes on the roofs of adjacent buildings in order to have the best viewpoints. We have also developed telescopic poles and clamps to adapt to any situation.

    • Smart frame rate

      Our cameras are programmed to capture the key sequences of your construction site such as the assembly of walls, the movements of cranes, the arrival of trucks, etc. but also cinematographic atmospheres such as sunsets, moonrises, etc.

    • A "secret sauce" for video post-production

      With 12 years of experience in capturing and post-production of timelapse videos, we have developed a unique know-how to produce videos capable of telling your projects in a fun and enjoyable way.

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    • Ability to work in demanding environments

      We have experience in complex construction sites and have developed know-how for high voltage environments, tunnels and underground.

    • Risk reduction at the heart of our processes

      Working on construction sites requires constant attention. We have therefore developed methodologies and innovations to guarantee the safety of people (self-supporting masts, safety leash, interventions with bucket vehicles, etc.).

    • A solid company, market leader

      7000 sites covered, 60 people, 12 years of experience. Devisubox is the European leader on the market of the follow-up of building sites and was several times promoted by the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for its exceptional growth.

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    • 8M invested in R&D for new services

      Created by 2 engineers, Devisubox has never stopped investing in the improvement of its technology, whether it is at the hardware level with ever more performing boxes or software with new applications brought by artificial intelligence.

    • One-stop shop Service all-inclusive

      To better serve you and save you time, we have integrated all the know-how related to timelapse shooting, such as video post-production, drone capture, etc.

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