1. A unique and innovative device for anonymizing the photos taken by our cameras

Devisubox is constantly at the forefront of research and development and, together with its partners, has developed a device for anonymizing the photos taken by its cameras using artificial intelligence technology.
Thanks to this new technology, unique in our market, we are able to guarantee that the collection of personal data will be as limited as possible, since people who could have been identifiable will be automatically blurred so that they can no longer be identified.

Why is this essential for your privacy and compliance with the RGPD?

Simply because with irreversible photo anonymization, the RGPD does not apply as there is no collection of personal data.

2. Best practices for anonymization

As a matter of principle, the photos freely accessible on our internet platform without security protection (notably without a password), are by default anonymized (blurring of individuals).

Devisubox’s clients may request that the photos not be anonymized as long as they comply with an adequate and lawful processing purpose such as security and that the user who accesses them is authenticated by a secure access.
In this case, the non-anonymized photos are only accessible for a maximum of 30 days.

3. A dedicated service at Devisubox for photo processing

In most cases, the photos will be automatically anonymized thanks to an artificial intelligence technology.

We also offer our customers the possibility to choose blurring options not only on people but also on entire areas of the photo (e.g.: blurring areas of public roads or buildings…).

In order to support our approach, we have also put online a form to formalize a request for manual processing on photos that would be subject to a detection error.
The form is directly accessible from the visualization of the concerned photo in order to facilitate the user experience of our online interface.

Moreover, if you wish to ask us about this or to alert us, you can send us an e-mail to the address dedicated to this service: rgpd.face.blur@devisubox.com.

4. What role does Devisubox play in the processing of the photos taken by our cameras?

Devisubox never assumes the role of data controller of the images taken by its cameras, the purpose of the processing being decided by its customers.

On the other hand, Devisubox has chosen to be proactive in the protection of personal data by providing advice and best practices to its customers in this field.

See also: Our general policy of personal data processing

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