Take to the sky with drone shots

Aerial shots to create emotion

The drone shots make strong visual impact.
Combined with time-lapse shots, they add movement and enhance the final rendering of your video.
By showing your site from a new height, it’s easier for your viewers to put see its environment and explore the nearby surroundings.

Ideal for filming indoors

We often think of drones as being confined to outdoor flights, but they can also help create seamless interior maps to enhance your work spaces, supply chains, etc.

360° HD panoramas captured in flight to explore the surroundings

During the flight over your construction site, our drone pilots capture 360° views to enhance your project and situate it in its environment.

With more than 400 million pixels, it is possible to zoom in 40x and discover the surroundings of the project: road access, shops, green spaces, schools,…

Embed your 3D buildings (BIM) in our 360° panoramas

If your building has been modeled in 3D, it becomes possible to insert it into our 360° panoramas and visualize your project in its real environment.

See our 3D inlay solution (BIM)


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