A video that tells your site’s story

Transform thousands of photos into a well-paced, meaningful video

We find the best sequences among the thousands of images captured

Our editors will tell you: “Without good logging, you can’t make a good video.” To create a time-lapse video of your site, it’s not enough to simply put the captured images end to end. Handpicking the best sequences is an essential step that determines the final quality of your video.

We script your video base don what you want to highlight the key moments of your work

Before each editing project, we work together to prepare a brief, allowing our editors to fully understand the objectives of your video, the target audience and how it will be shared. This is an important step that helps us respond precisely to your communication challenges.

We integrate your branding

Each video our team produces is customized with your company’s branding guide for a high-end result that matches your brand image.

Summarizing months of work in a video is an art form

  • Cinematic atmospheres

    Over the months on building sites, there are always little moments of grace, like a sunrise, where the image is particularly beautiful. We know how to detect these and use them to bring a little bit of poetry to the final video.

  • Travelling effect & zoom

    The fixed views captured by our time-lapse cameras can sometimes be monotonous, which is why we add movement with multiple tracking and zoom effects.

  • Stabilization

    To avoid the effects of image shake, our videos are digitally stabilized to improve the final output.

  • No windscreen wiper effects

    When making an fast motion video, days quickly come and go, creating back and forth shadows, which can be tiring for viewers. We’ve developed tricks to avoid this.

  • Anti-flicker

    From one hour to the next, the brightness and contrast vary. And these small variations cause flickering effects during editing that have to be corrected.

  • Colour balancing

    Chaque journée offre des couleurs différentes. C’est pourquoi nous équilibrons numériquement les couleurs pour que l’harmonie soit au rendez-vous.

Enhance your time-lapse video with aerial views and reports

  • Drone shots

    Drones have made aerial photography accessible to everyone. The footage captured helps show your site in its surrounding environment, and is often very impressive. It would be a shame to miss out on these shots!

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  • Field report

    Depending on the nature of your project, it may be interesting to create photo or video reports to document a specific aspect of construction, which are then integrated into the time-lapse video of your site by our editing team.

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