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Autonomous cameras to get the best views

  • Installation by our teams

    Our specialized teams install time-lapse cameras on your site to ensure optimal positioning and flawless mounting. The success of your site monitoring project depends on it.

  • No plugging in = more freedom

    Our time-lapse camera with a solar panel and an antenna can be installed almost anywhere to get the most spectacular views without electrical or telecoms connection requirements.

  • Smart capture of the best moments

    Programmed to adapt to the rhythm of your site, our time-lapse cameras capture the moments that matter so you can tell your site’s story better.

  • From 5 to 24 MPX

    A powerful sensor associated with an impeccable optics allow us to deliver an exceptional image quality going beyond 4K… for videos that will still be top in 10 years.

  • Suitable for extreme conditions

    Perfectly waterproof and working with temperatures from -20°C to 55°C, our timelapse cameras cross the seasons and accompany your construction site throughout its duration without a second thought.

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Technology developed by our team from start to finish

We have been continuously improving our timelapse camera for over 12 years. It has taken thousands of tests in the most extreme conditions to arrive at a product that combines excellent image quality with exceptional reliability.

An interface for monitoring your project every day

  • Easy to integrate into your website

    Integrate our time-lapse player into your website with just a few lines of code.

  • Customization to match your branding

    Set up the player to match your company’s branding and integrate your logo.

  • Several points of view

    If your site is equipped with several cameras, these will be directly accessible from the player.

  • GDPR compatible!

    With the ability to blur people’s faces, you can publicize the progress of your site while complying with the GDPR.

  • Adjusting the playback speed

    Watch the progress of your work at the speed that suits you.

  • Tag important moments

    Offer quick access to key moments at your site.

  • Share on social media

    Let your audience share the progress of your work on social media.

  • Integrate your 3D building

    Overlay 3D BIM models of your construction project, directly in the timelapse player.

  • Comply with the GDPR

    Face blurring with AI

    With this unique technology in our market, people who could have been identifiable are automatically blurred out, allowing you to be compliant with the European RGPD 2019 directives.

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  • Integrate your buildings in 3D

    We know how to integrate your BIM (Building Information Modeling) projects directly into our photos, allowing you to visualize your future building in the real environment, but also to compare the level of progress of your work against the final result.

    See more about BIM

Control all your sites from a single interface

“At Mas Provence, we build houses with character in the southeastern quarter of France. Thanks to Devisubox, we can easily present the progress of our projects to our customers and showcase our expertise in a simple and effective way.”

Founder, Mas Provence

Promote your expertise with a time-lapse video

At the end of your construction site, we can transform the thousands of images collected into an accelerated video that will present the entire construction process of your buildings or infrastructures. This video can also be enriched with aerial drone footage that allows you to contextualize your site by adding a touch of emotion.

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