Construction of the Alto Tower

Courbevoie, France

Devisubox has followed for 4 years the very audacious construction of the Alto tower, 150 m high with a flared shape and a surface area of 51,000 m², which innovates the tertiary sector of Paris la Défense. This project also involves the redevelopment of the urban space, notably with the creation of the new Zaha Hadid square. Key figures for the Alto Tower (source: Paris La Défense): 51,000 m² of modular and scalable space Opening and circulation on 150 m height 37 floors to stimulate collective intelligence A vertical village of 4,600 talents 2,000 m² of private forecourt 2 terraces on the ground floor (R+36 and R+37) 5 diversified catering offers Developer: Linkcity Ile-de-France Project management: IF Architects, SRA Architects, Jean Philippe Nuel Developer: Paris La Défense Contractors: Bouygues Construction  

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